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What Clients Say

Getting a reading with David was incredibly illuminating. His intuitiveness, sensitivity and expertise helped me put words to strengths and inner struggles I’ve felt my whole life. I highly recommend getting a reading with him. David’s insight has helped me navigate life with more self awareness and sensitivity to my own unique strengths and weaknesses.
There are a few phrases that David brought up during our in-depth reading that I use in my life like mantras. His specificity will help you be at peace and will aid your decision-making process going forward. The construction of your chart will help you place the emphasis of your goals and actions into the realm of what you are best at, what your gifts are. You will have realizations about what actions best suit you personally and will provide fulfillment and purpose in your life, while helping to shield misinformation about “happiness” created by social pressures and outside demands. David has worked in the field for years and his passion and knowledge shine through. He guides you into a chart with the wisdom, connectivity, and grace of a master. I treasure my reading and recommend his skills.
— Crichton Atkinson
David is a conscientious and clarified astrologer. He cares a lot about your level of comfort, and is willing to delve as deeply into your chart as you’re willing to. His insights have helped me so much—he addressed the issues I brought up with him with care, intelligence, and a broader structural awareness of the powers at play. Happy to recommend David to anyone looking for a deep and expansive reading. Thanks again, David!
When I was 23, I felt confounded by the world around me; spiritually and psychologically adrift. Adults and mentors were full of patronizing and unhelpful rhetoric about finding myself and my path in life. I was discomfited by the idea that one day I would conform or acquiesce, and that then I could relax. David’s interpretation of my natal chart and continued dialogue gave me a compass to understanding myself; accepting my weaknesses and embracing my strengths. His devoted spiritual and scientific analysis, unpresumptuous approach, and inquisitive attention to the details of my chart gave me a healthy start to figuring out who I am. I will be grateful to him always, and would recommend him highly.
— Sasha Pearl


About David Perloff

David Perloff is a professional astrologer living in Newton, Massachusetts. 

David offers chart readings and consultations, teaches astrology, and has given talks around the United States and internationally - most recently in Portugal and Italy. He will be a speaker at the NCGR Conference in Baltimore Labor Day weekend, and for Astrology Toronto later in September.

He has written for the Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope Magazine, Geocosmic Journal, and other publications. His primary astrology teacher was Betty Caulfield, who was a student of Marc Edmund Jones.

David can be reached via email at davidperloffastrology@gmail.com