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Chart Readings / Consultations

“The great miracle of astrology is that it can identify the traits which might otherwise be lost – and so go unused.”
--Marc Edmund Jones

At its simplest, astrology is the study of the position and movement of planets and other celestial bodies, and their relation to our own lives and events on Earth. The most common Chart Reading, called a Natal Reading, looks at the location of these bodies relative to a person at the moment they were born. With this data, a wealth of personal and emotional information can be gathered. An example of a natal chart can be found here.

The first step in getting a reading is to provide me with your date, time and place of birth. (If you don’t know the time of your birth, a reading can still be done.) With this information, I will create a natal chart like the one in the link above, and we can then connect in person or via phone or Skype to analyze it together.

The key for me in chart reading is to tune in to how your chart is currently manifesting in your life. What is working? What aspects of your life do you wish you could change? What potentialities aren’t you tapping in to? Where would you like to go in your life? What factors in your chart can help you get there?

While you can find free astrological information on the internet (and some very good writing is available), much of what is out there may be off-base for you, and some is unduly troubling. Additionally, it’s very difficult to integrate all of the pieces of a chart. What is most important? What is more of a side-note? With a reading from me, you’ll get a personalized consultation that cuts through the noise, finding true resonance between your chart and your life.


Astrological classes offered in the Boston area on various topics, including cosmic insights into modern events and culture.

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The Music and Astrology of Leonard Bernstein and West Side Story

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Course Description:

A musical icon and an iconic musical. 

Interested in popular culture? Human interest? Music? Astrology? Then this talk is for you. 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of Leonard’s Bernstein’s birth. We’ll look at his life, from his Boston-area upbringing to his many successes. Besides Bernstein and his West Side Story dream-team of collaborators, we'll be talking about Lin-Manuel Miranda, Aaron Copland, Steven Spielberg, and more, and how they all connect to 'Lenny' and West Side Story. Through biographical info, photos, anecdotes, and music, this talk has appeal to Broadway buffs, classical music lovers, as well as students of astrology.

Speaking Engagements

Workshops and lectures on subjects ranging from Introduction to Astrology to Marc Edmund Jones and Mental Chemistry.